Restaurant Vocabulary Words and Phrases in English

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Restaurant Vocabulary Words and Phrases in English

Welcome to our blog where we explore the world of restaurant vocabulary words and phrases in English. In this article, we will delve into the diverse range of terminology used in the restaurant industry, providing you with a comprehensive understanding of the language spoken in these culinary establishments. 

Whether you’re a food enthusiast, a language learner, or a restaurant professional looking to expand your vocabulary, this blog is the perfect resource for you. 

So, let’s embark on this linguistic journey together and discover the fascinating world of restaurant vocabulary in English. Stay tuned for an enriching and informative experience ahead!

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English Vocabulary for Eating at Restaurants

  • Menu-related terms:

  • Menu: A list of dishes and drinks available at the restaurant.
  • Appetizers/starters: Small dishes served before the main course.
  • Main course/entree: The main dish of a meal.
  • Side dish: A smaller dish accompanying the main course.
  • Dessert: A sweet dish served at the end of the meal.
  • Specials: Dishes not regularly on the menu, often featuring seasonal ingredients.
  • Beverages: Drinks, including water, soft drinks, juices, tea, coffee, and alcoholic beverages.
  • Wine list: A list of available wines, often categorized by type.
  • Cocktails: Mixed alcoholic drinks.
  • Non-alcoholic: Drinks without alcohol, like mocktails or soft drinks.

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  • Ordering:

  • Order: Requesting a specific dish or drink.
  • Place an order: Making a request for food or drinks.
  • Order in: Choosing to have food delivered to your location.
  • Takeout/takeaway: Food ordered to be eaten elsewhere.
  • Delivery: Food brought to your location.
  • Waitstaff/server: Restaurant employees who take orders and serve food.
  • Special request: Specific instructions for preparing a dish (e.g., no onions, extra sauce).
  • Set menu: A fixed menu with predetermined courses.
  • À la carte: Ordering individual dishes from the menu.
  • Table for [number]: Requesting a table for a certain number of people.
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  • Food description:

  • Spicy: Having a strong, hot flavor.
  • Mild: Not strongly flavored or spicy.
  • Savory: Delicious and flavorful, often with a salty or umami taste.
  • Sweet: Having a sugary taste.
  • Sour: Having an acidic taste.
  • Bitter: Having a sharp or strong taste.
  • Fresh: Recently prepared or harvested.
  • Crispy: Crunchy and well-cooked on the outside.
  • Tender: Easy to chew and not tough.
  • Juicy: Moist and full of flavor.
  • Well-done: Thoroughly cooked.
  • Rare: Cooked for a short time, often with a pink center (for meat).
  • Medium: Cooked with a pinkish-brown center (for meat).

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  •  Interaction with waitstaff:

  • Order taking: The process of waitstaff noting down your order.
  • Specials of the day: Dishes that are recommended for the day.
  • Can I help you?: Waitstaff offering assistance.
  • Recommendations: Dishes the waitstaff suggests trying.
  • Check/bill: The invoice for the meal.
  • Split the bill: Dividing the cost among multiple diners.
  • Tip/gratuity: Extra money given to the waitstaff for good service.
  • Dining experience:

  • Reservation: Booking a table in advance.
  • Host/hostess: The person who greets and seats customers.
  • Seating: Finding a place to sit in the restaurant.
  • Booth: A semi-private seating area with benches or upholstered seats.
  • Tablecloth: Cloth covering the table.
  • Atmosphere/ambiance: The mood or feeling of the restaurant.
  • Fine dining: Upscale and elegant dining experience.
  • Casual dining: Relaxed and informal dining experience.
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Having a strong grasp of English vocabulary related to dining at restaurants can greatly enhance your experience and interactions while enjoying a meal out. These terms provide the tools you need to understand the menu, order food, describe your preferences, and engage with the waitstaff effectively. 

Whether you prefer fine dining or casual meals, being familiar with these words and phrases will help you communicate your needs and preferences, making your restaurant visits more enjoyable and satisfying.

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