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Introducing Custom
AI Mode

This new feature allows users to select any category of interest
(such as Sports, Country, Economy, etc.) and adjust the
difficulty level to match their learning preferences.
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Create your free account

Sign up for a Zoundslike account using your email address today. There are no fees involved in registering, and you’ll have full access to all of the Zoundslike app and website features.

Choose a category

Zoundslike offers 17+ eclectic categories. Select an area of interest and get started learning new vocabulary.


Select a game mode

Choose your preferred mode of play – solo or partnered – and then select your desired role – speaker or speller.

Choose your partner ​

When playing in Partnered mode, the app allows you to view and select from a list of active users. Simply send them a request to join the game, and once your partner accepts, you’re ready to play together.


Analyze your results​

To see your most recent score, look at the Results Page. To see scores from previous games, go to the History Page.

Learn and Earn! Win an Amazon Gift Voucher with Zoundslike

With this feature, you will earn points as you complete lessons and levels. These points can be redeemed for rewards such as Amazon gift cards.
Learn and Earn! Win an Amazon Gift Voucher with Zoundslike
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