About Us

About Us

ZOUNDSLIKE is a teacher-built, classroom-tested language-polishing game. It uses a live peer-to-peer environment to focus on four areas: listening, speaking, spelling, and vocabulary. The ever-growing database consists of words that players will find interesting, challenging, and useful.

Around the world people dream of mastering a foreign language in order to advance their careers, learn about other cultures, and make meaningful connections. However, even with the multitude of language-learning systems, acquiring that “final 10%” of language fluency – accent reduction, pronunciation and spelling – remains a challenge. Most online language learning systems contain little or no interaction between learners. Students study alone, which can be dull, lonely, and ineffective.

ZOUNDSLIKE empowers an international community of language learners to help one another improve their communication skills – one word at a time.


Gameplay is simple, entertaining, and effective. Players pick a target language, a desired level, and a role as either a Speaker or Speller. The clock starts, and the Speaker gets a “digital deck” of words they can only see. The Speaker must enunciate each word clearly so the Speller can spell it right. Both players have to work together so the word is spelled correctly.

At the end of the round, players are sent to the Results page to see how they did. Each correctly spelled word earns a point. The Results Page also provides more information about the terms, including example sentences, definitions, and pronunciation.



  • Provides a fun, effective, useful way for language learners to improve their skills
  • Functions as a tool for teachers to use in virtual or in-person classrooms
  • Aids companies in employee retention, progression and production

About The Founder

Mark Wasserman, CEO/Founder of ZOUNDSLIKE, has worked as a teacher, journalist, public relations executive, and copywriter. As a teacher, he has over 20 years experience working with students of all ages, levels and nationalities. He created ZOUNDSLIKE to help learners master that “final 10%” of language fluency.

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