Mark Wasserman


Day 25 – Zoundslike

Day 25: watch a video in your target language to work on listening, reading subtitles, and learning spelling. Don’t watch

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Day 8 – Zoundslike

Day 8 is for improving your vocabulary and understanding. Find an article in English or the language you’re learning then

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Day 1 – Zoundslike

Day 1 of the 30-day challenge starts with a small step. Begin a daily habit for practicing English by following

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Picture of a man excited to eat poison

I Love Poison

I still remember the first time I requested it by name. I was an exchange student in Strasbourg, France, living with a wonderful Strasbourgeoise family close to the Palais de L’Europe where the United Nations often meet. (More recently it has been the site of protests against the policies of President

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